Victoria began her career in Aspen as a nanny and director of a Pregnancy Center. It was during her time in Colorado that she discovered her passion for helping parents prepare for the arrival of their baby.  She knew that if they were given the opportunity to be better equipped, every parent would succeed!

With so many baby products on the market and no simple way for parents to understand what’s best, safest, and specific to their family’s needs, Victoria soon realized her calling was in easing the minds of new parents by providing them with streamlined information and service.

She started Aspen Baby Planners in 2009 and has been assisting families with unmatched care and expertise ever since!

When Victoria isn’t researching baby gear, designing a nursery, or sleep training a little one, she can be found working towards her master’s degree in counseling psychology, playing with her sweet pup Finn, or enjoying the mountains and beaches of the Pacific Northwest.

Aspen Baby Planners is located in Dallas.
We serve families locally and in Seattle, Aspen, and Chicago.